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Maintenance Program


Roof Maintenance Programs

Your roof is the key component in protecting your building from adverse weather conditions and harsh elements.

Demand for this specialized service has soared as property managers & building owners are looking for long-term, cost effective solutions to extend the life of their roof & keep it functioning at its maximum capacity.

Our maintenance programs aim to keep roofs in good enough condition so that you can get the most our of what you have before needing a new roof.

A Roof Maintenance Tune-Up can help save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and high insurance deductibles.

Having routine maintenance performed each year is essential to maximize the life-span of your roof. During the summer, your roof takes a beating from heat and UV rays, which break down the composition of roofing components that repel water. It is during these hot summer months that most damage occurs to underlayment, roof tars and penetration seals. When the rain and cold weather come, it can lead to costly leaks, mold and other expensive home repairs. Most leaky roofs can be repaired but if left on-going they can create excessive damage.

Roofing Tune-Up

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1. Prolongs the life of your roof


2. Helps prevent roof leaks and damage


3. Minimizes costs by identifying problem areas & addressing roof issues before they escalate


4. Most commercial roofing manufacturers require a roof to be maintained in order to keep the warranty in effect

While enrolled in our program we will annually or semi-annually depending on your needs inspect your roof for:

  1. Inspect chimney flashing.
  2. Inspect skylights.
  3. Look at the ventilation see if it is aqueduct for the roof.
  4. Determine the condition of the shingles (curling, cracking, missing).
  5. Replace any blown off shingles or ridge caps.
  6. Inspect for algae growth and recommend if ZINC strips are needed.
  7. Make recommendations on roof including washing to remove algae which causes pre-mature failure of the roof.
  8. Provide estimate for ZINC strips to be installed on the ridge line of the roof after cleaning.