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Condominium Associations


Condominium Roofing

At Over The Top Roofing, we understand the specific needs of condominium associations, owners, and property managers. We work closely with property managers and engineers to identify the most cost-effective and high-quality roofing solutions. Servicing both large and small developments has helped us to understand that a great working relationship between the management company, board members, our team, and most importantly the residents of the community is vital to making a project work.

Condominium Roof Installation

Whether your a homeowner looking to install a roof on your new home, or your property manager with severely weathered roofs, Over The Top Roofing is prepared to help with any and all roof installations.

Whether it is just a single unit or the entire complex that needs to be replaced, Over The Top Roofing is able to handle the challenge.

We offer the strongest warranties in the industry that are backed by manufacturer guarantees.

Condominium Roof Repair

If it's a condo roofing emergency or a simple missing shingle, the Over The Top roofing team can handle the challenge.

Our roofing specialists will repair any damage and will notify you of any other concerns discovered in our repair process.

Condo Roof Repair


  • Allow us to come in and maintain the current roofs in your condominium community.
  • Several roofing styles and materials require routine maintenance, and Over The Top roofing will develop the appropriate timetable to service your roof that best fits your schedule.
  • We can schedule routine inspections to ensure your roof is being maintained properly and has a long lifespan.

Condominium Roof Ice Dams


• Our trained professionals can assist you in Ice Dam Removal and preventing future Ice Dams from forming on your condo building.

• Over The Top Roofing provides all customers with free estimates and details on our ice dam removal work.